Adding on fun shades of lipstick discreetly into your work attire


Work attire tends to be dull shades of clothes paired with one or two brightly shaded pieces of clothing or outerwear. But when it comes to makeup, none of us actually go for the brighter shades of lipsticks or the eyeshadows as it is not considered to be in the ‘work ethic and attire’ unwritten rules. But a brightly colored lipstick can do wonders for your outfit when you have not done laundry and are wearing some boring shades. But no matter what, high shine glosses and glitter are not something that you should not trifle with as the glosses will end up with you checking your teeth every 30 seconds. So when it comes to matte shades and other glossy shades of lipstick, here are some ways to sneak in bright colors to your everyday makeup.


Figure out your shades first


Although all shades are fun to work with, the type and colors of lipstick that does not look odd when worn depends on the person’s skin tone. So try not to experiment with new shades you are not familiar with by wearing it to work. So go for the bright shades that you know looks good on you and try to figure out which shades work well with what color of clothing when worn. If you want to try it out first and see whether you are ok with the shades when worn to work, go for darker shades first and then gradually buy lighter shades.


When working with lip liner


Lip liner is an actually a great way for your lips to look professionally done. Most of us forego the lip liner as we consider it time consuming, but when wearing bright shades it is a good idea to wear the lip liner and then color inside it on your lips. You can even go for a bit of feathering/ shading if your lip liner is not the exact color as your lipstick. When you are buying new lip liner always buy one that goes well with the majority of your lipstick shades; so you can always have a couple of lip liner that goes with a multitude of lipstick shades.


When it comes to shade that you need to wear for work, go for one that stays on the longest. This is especially the case if you do not get a lot of opportunities to go and top up in the restroom as you are loaded with work. So a long wear shade, satin-finish shade or a matte-shade are the best alternatives that you should consider.

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