Trying out different ways to wear your regular scarf

If you have gotten to the point where you have your favorite scarf and are not interested in buying new ones to look awesome, then trying to wear the same old in a different way is the best option. Favorite scarfs are hard to give up and are even harder to not wear in the same way (especially when you succumb to your habits). So here are a couple of ways for you to put on that piece of cloth in a different way so that it does not register as the same old to people who know you.


Skinny scarf


The skinny scarf method is a great way to wear your pretty scarf even when it is not so cold out. It is a bit of a retro fashion statement and if you can pair it with a mini dress then you can go for the oldies glamorous look. You can buy skinny scarves separately, or you can twist your existing scarf into a really tin version (or fold it up to pleats) and tangle it loosely on your neck.


Wrapper scarf look


If you have a denim jacket and want to go for the old western look at least once, then wearing the scarf as a wrapper will go with the chambray and the denim outfit. If you have a checkered scarf in a different shade or a brighter shade than your outfit then keep one corner in a triangular shape on your collarbone in side and then wrap the scarf around until only the other short edge is remaining. Then twist the last length of the scarf and loop it inside the layered loops around your neck pull the corned onto you’re the other side of the collarbone so that a triangle is left hanging in parallel to the other side.


Oversized scarf


Puff up your existing scarf or loop is across very loosely on your neck to go for the oversized look. Oversized scarves can be bought separately as well, so if you fancy a shopping trip then grab one when you can.


Animal prints and geometrics


When wearing geometric shapes and animal prints, make sure that nothing in your outfit is patterned as well. This will set off an awkward confusion of patterns and will not look on anyone. So when you have a whole bunch of single shaded clothes, pair off a top and bottom within the same tones, add in a patterned scarf with a bright colored handbag or shoes.


When wearing scarves, it is a good idea to make sure they blend in with your other clothing as well. This should be in your mind if you do not tend to take off the scarf usually.

Adding on fun shades of lipstick discreetly into your work attire

Work attire tends to be dull shades of clothes paired with one or two brightly shaded pieces of clothing or outerwear. But when it comes to makeup, none of us actually go for the brighter shades of lipsticks or the eyeshadows as it is not considered to be in the ‘work ethic and attire’ unwritten rules. But a brightly colored lipstick can do wonders for your outfit when you have not done laundry and are wearing some boring shades. But no matter what, high shine glosses and glitter are not something that you should not trifle with as the glosses will end up with you checking your teeth every 30 seconds. So when it comes to matte shades and other glossy shades of lipstick, here are some ways to sneak in bright colors to your everyday makeup.


Figure out your shades first


Although all shades are fun to work with, the type and colors of lipstick that does not look odd when worn depends on the person’s skin tone. So try not to experiment with new shades you are not familiar with by wearing it to work. So go for the bright shades that you know looks good on you and try to figure out which shades work well with what color of clothing when worn. If you want to try it out first and see whether you are ok with the shades when worn to work, go for darker shades first and then gradually buy lighter shades.


When working with lip liner


Lip liner is an actually a great way for your lips to look professionally done. Most of us forego the lip liner as we consider it time consuming, but when wearing bright shades it is a good idea to wear the lip liner and then color inside it on your lips. You can even go for a bit of feathering/ shading if your lip liner is not the exact color as your lipstick. When you are buying new lip liner always buy one that goes well with the majority of your lipstick shades; so you can always have a couple of lip liner that goes with a multitude of lipstick shades.


When it comes to shade that you need to wear for work, go for one that stays on the longest. This is especially the case if you do not get a lot of opportunities to go and top up in the restroom as you are loaded with work. So a long wear shade, satin-finish shade or a matte-shade are the best alternatives that you should consider.

Coupling neutral shades in your work attire

Work attire is usually all toned down shades of greys and beiges. But you can always look fancy even wearing the dullest of shades if you know how to pair it off properly with the other pieces of the outfit. Navy and black remain some of the shades are not worn frequently and certainly not together as much. But navy and black can be worn together and these shades will also make your natural skin color more prominent. The navy and black combo may not look eye catching at first, but if you want to show off your recently gotten tan or your natural skin shades more prominently (which can never be done with colorful clothes) then follow these steps.


Navy dresses with black accessories


Go for a shaded, full tone or patterned navy dress and pair it off with a pair of sexy black heels and handbag. If you wear other accessories like earrings and necklaces, go for a matte shade or black or leave them off. Have your hair up to show your figure and the dress more prominently. The only color in this combo will be brought forward by your natural skin tone.


Column of black and navy outers


Wear full black from head to toe (starting from the body hugging top to your pair of heels or chosen footwear) and couple it with a navy shaded blazer or tunic. Outerwear like cardigans, scarves, tunics, blazers, and jackets can be the only navy in your body when you go for this option. This ‘column effect’ of black is awesome if you have a long and lean pair of black pants or a black long romper that you want to try out.


Long layers for making you seemingly taller


If you want to look taller without wearing heels, then wearing layers of clothing is the best option available. Have one piece in navy while the other piece is black. Go for only two pieces but make sure both are long and would look like layers when you wear them in actuality. For those who usually tuck their clothes in, this will be a comfortable change of clothing to try it out camisoles, tunics and kimono-style long tops can be paired with pencil skirts, long skirts and slim pants.


Tailored blouses, box tops, and rompers are some of the wear that we find hard to wear to work unless they are specifically made and bought for work attire. But if you have some of these in the shades of black or navy lying around in your closet, then try them out with one shade or the other.

Tips for dummies: How to drape a sari (saree) for the first time

For those who are familiar the culture of south Asia, the traditional clothing worn by women (A.K.A saree or sari) would be a familiar sight. In most of the south Asian countries the saree is considered the formal form of women’s clothing and are worn by the majority of the female population. In some cases the workplace requires the attire but in general sarees are worn during occasions and celebrations. But the 6 yards of fabric is hard to maneuver and get onto you in the proper form unless you are used to doing it. So for those who want to try out the saree for the first time, here are the basic steps to follow.


Things you need


  • Lots and lots of safety pins (if you are petite then the bigger safety pins are needed)
  • The saree
  • Blouse/ top that accompanies the saree
  • Petticoat or inner skirt


Starting the process


Wear the blouse first then followed by the petticoat. Make sure that the petticoat is really firm at your waist as it is the only thing holding onto the ¾ of the saree. If the petticoat is loose then prepare for a public display. If you plan on wearing heels then you will have to drape the saree an inch or two longer than usual so it is best to wear the heels you want when you are draping.


Then take one corner of the saree (make sure that you have the saree right side up) and make a small knot on the end and tuck it inside the petticoat. Secure the knot with safety pins. Then take the saree and take it around waist once and then tuck in again once it comes to your front again.


Then you will need to make pleats that take up the bulk of the saree. Before you make the pleats put the saree across your shoulder to adjust the length that will be taken up by the draping on your back. So adjust the back draping to droop all the way to your foot and secure with a safety pin at your shoulder for now. Following that, take the saree that is pooling up at your front and make pleats (4-6 inches of width) with almost the whole thing.


Then take out the safety pin at your shoulder and bring the drape once more around your waist and then put it across your front and push it over your shoulder to the back. There are different styles to wear the draping across your shoulder and on your back. You can leave it un-pleated or actually pleat it and secure it your shoulder with a safety pin. Depending on the style you want to look (un-pleated and across your shoulder is elegant while the pleated version will make it look more feminine) you can chose how to wear the last section of the saree.


Once you have worn the saree the more luxurious work section of the saree will be on your shoulder and back and will show off when you are walking.



Tackling the LulaRoe Leggings

For anyone who has seen the new trend going around, the LulaRoe Leggings are the newest fashion setting of printed and patterned leggings. So instead of the regular one color or shaded leggings you get leggings with striking patterns and bright colors that add a twist to a regular outfit. Although most would shy away from buying them when they first see it, LulaRoe leggings are an awesome way to dress up without doing much or adding too many things to your outfit.


Tip #1: Go for flowy and a sleeveless tunic and a lace extender


If you are not much of a fan of heels, then you can go for a comfortable pair of neutral shaded flats. But for the clothing bit couple your striking leggings with a neutral shaded flowy tunic and a one color lacy extender underneath as a base for the colors. Make sure that the tunic nor the lace extender look similar to the LulaRoe leggings, because your leggings would not stand out that way.


Tip #2: Cardigans, tunics and flats


Usually most people go for bright colored outerwear with solid (single shaded) inner wear. The same concept applies for the LulaRoe leggings as they serve as the bright spec of color and patterns for your whole outfit. So larger clothes would look better as your legs would look more enhanced that way. You can always go for t-shirts just a little larger than your frame, tunic tops, cardigans and flats as footwear. Make sure that the shoes nor the innerwear and outerwear (except the leggings) are brightly colored or have contrasting patterns. When you are going for fall patterned leggings then pair it off with a cardigan to match the style of the outfit.


Tip #3: Chambrays, Tanks and ankle boots


Chambray shirts are one of the new items that has been popping up on the fashion market. Chambray shirts can be matched for many of the patterned outfits and as such, they go really well with the patterned leggings best. Tank tops are also another item that can be paired off really well with clothes that are brightly shaded or have interested and fun patterns. Ankle booties can accompany your LulaRoe Leggings during winter to keep your feet warm.


Leggings are one of the most comfortable clothes that can be found, and patterned leggings are a great way to add a bit of fashion to a regular outfit. So when you are pairing or selecting your outfit, make sure that the patterns and the shades do not clash with each other.