Coupling neutral shades in your work attire


Work attire is usually all toned down shades of greys and beiges. But you can always look fancy even wearing the dullest of shades if you know how to pair it off properly with the other pieces of the outfit. Navy and black remain some of the shades are not worn frequently and certainly not together as much. But navy and black can be worn together and these shades will also make your natural skin color more prominent. The navy and black combo may not look eye catching at first, but if you want to show off your recently gotten tan or your natural skin shades more prominently (which can never be done with colorful clothes) then follow these steps.


Navy dresses with black accessories


Go for a shaded, full tone or patterned navy dress and pair it off with a pair of sexy black heels and handbag. If you wear other accessories like earrings and necklaces, go for a matte shade or black or leave them off. Have your hair up to show your figure and the dress more prominently. The only color in this combo will be brought forward by your natural skin tone.


Column of black and navy outers


Wear full black from head to toe (starting from the body hugging top to your pair of heels or chosen footwear) and couple it with a navy shaded blazer or tunic. Outerwear like cardigans, scarves, tunics, blazers, and jackets can be the only navy in your body when you go for this option. This ‘column effect’ of black is awesome if you have a long and lean pair of black pants or a black long romper that you want to try out.


Long layers for making you seemingly taller


If you want to look taller without wearing heels, then wearing layers of clothing is the best option available. Have one piece in navy while the other piece is black. Go for only two pieces but make sure both are long and would look like layers when you wear them in actuality. For those who usually tuck their clothes in, this will be a comfortable change of clothing to try it out camisoles, tunics and kimono-style long tops can be paired with pencil skirts, long skirts and slim pants.


Tailored blouses, box tops, and rompers are some of the wear that we find hard to wear to work unless they are specifically made and bought for work attire. But if you have some of these in the shades of black or navy lying around in your closet, then try them out with one shade or the other.

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