Tackling the LulaRoe Leggings


For anyone who has seen the new trend going around, the LulaRoe Leggings are the newest fashion setting of printed and patterned leggings. So instead of the regular one color or shaded leggings you get leggings with striking patterns and bright colors that add a twist to a regular outfit. Although most would shy away from buying them when they first see it, LulaRoe leggings are an awesome way to dress up without doing much or adding too many things to your outfit.


Tip #1: Go for flowy and a sleeveless tunic and a lace extender


If you are not much of a fan of heels, then you can go for a comfortable pair of neutral shaded flats. But for the clothing bit couple your striking leggings with a neutral shaded flowy tunic and a one color lacy extender underneath as a base for the colors. Make sure that the tunic nor the lace extender look similar to the LulaRoe leggings, because your leggings would not stand out that way.


Tip #2: Cardigans, tunics and flats


Usually most people go for bright colored outerwear with solid (single shaded) inner wear. The same concept applies for the LulaRoe leggings as they serve as the bright spec of color and patterns for your whole outfit. So larger clothes would look better as your legs would look more enhanced that way. You can always go for t-shirts just a little larger than your frame, tunic tops, cardigans and flats as footwear. Make sure that the shoes nor the innerwear and outerwear (except the leggings) are brightly colored or have contrasting patterns. When you are going for fall patterned leggings then pair it off with a cardigan to match the style of the outfit.


Tip #3: Chambrays, Tanks and ankle boots


Chambray shirts are one of the new items that has been popping up on the fashion market. Chambray shirts can be matched for many of the patterned outfits and as such, they go really well with the patterned leggings best. Tank tops are also another item that can be paired off really well with clothes that are brightly shaded or have interested and fun patterns. Ankle booties can accompany your LulaRoe Leggings during winter to keep your feet warm.


Leggings are one of the most comfortable clothes that can be found, and patterned leggings are a great way to add a bit of fashion to a regular outfit. So when you are pairing or selecting your outfit, make sure that the patterns and the shades do not clash with each other.


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