Tips for dummies: How to drape a sari (saree) for the first time


For those who are familiar the culture of south Asia, the traditional clothing worn by women (A.K.A saree or sari) would be a familiar sight. In most of the south Asian countries the saree is considered the formal form of women’s clothing and are worn by the majority of the female population. In some cases the workplace requires the attire but in general sarees are worn during occasions and celebrations. But the 6 yards of fabric is hard to maneuver and get onto you in the proper form unless you are used to doing it. So for those who want to try out the saree for the first time, here are the basic steps to follow.


Things you need


  • Lots and lots of safety pins (if you are petite then the bigger safety pins are needed)
  • The saree
  • Blouse/ top that accompanies the saree
  • Petticoat or inner skirt


Starting the process


Wear the blouse first then followed by the petticoat. Make sure that the petticoat is really firm at your waist as it is the only thing holding onto the ¾ of the saree. If the petticoat is loose then prepare for a public display. If you plan on wearing heels then you will have to drape the saree an inch or two longer than usual so it is best to wear the heels you want when you are draping.


Then take one corner of the saree (make sure that you have the saree right side up) and make a small knot on the end and tuck it inside the petticoat. Secure the knot with safety pins. Then take the saree and take it around waist once and then tuck in again once it comes to your front again.


Then you will need to make pleats that take up the bulk of the saree. Before you make the pleats put the saree across your shoulder to adjust the length that will be taken up by the draping on your back. So adjust the back draping to droop all the way to your foot and secure with a safety pin at your shoulder for now. Following that, take the saree that is pooling up at your front and make pleats (4-6 inches of width) with almost the whole thing.


Then take out the safety pin at your shoulder and bring the drape once more around your waist and then put it across your front and push it over your shoulder to the back. There are different styles to wear the draping across your shoulder and on your back. You can leave it un-pleated or actually pleat it and secure it your shoulder with a safety pin. Depending on the style you want to look (un-pleated and across your shoulder is elegant while the pleated version will make it look more feminine) you can chose how to wear the last section of the saree.


Once you have worn the saree the more luxurious work section of the saree will be on your shoulder and back and will show off when you are walking.



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