Trying out different ways to wear your regular scarf


If you have gotten to the point where you have your favorite scarf and are not interested in buying new ones to look awesome, then trying to wear the same old in a different way is the best option. Favorite scarfs are hard to give up and are even harder to not wear in the same way (especially when you succumb to your habits). So here are a couple of ways for you to put on that piece of cloth in a different way so that it does not register as the same old to people who know you.


Skinny scarf


The skinny scarf method is a great way to wear your pretty scarf even when it is not so cold out. It is a bit of a retro fashion statement and if you can pair it with a mini dress then you can go for the oldies glamorous look. You can buy skinny scarves separately, or you can twist your existing scarf into a really tin version (or fold it up to pleats) and tangle it loosely on your neck.


Wrapper scarf look


If you have a denim jacket and want to go for the old western look at least once, then wearing the scarf as a wrapper will go with the chambray and the denim outfit. If you have a checkered scarf in a different shade or a brighter shade than your outfit then keep one corner in a triangular shape on your collarbone in side and then wrap the scarf around until only the other short edge is remaining. Then twist the last length of the scarf and loop it inside the layered loops around your neck pull the corned onto you’re the other side of the collarbone so that a triangle is left hanging in parallel to the other side.


Oversized scarf


Puff up your existing scarf or loop is across very loosely on your neck to go for the oversized look. Oversized scarves can be bought separately as well, so if you fancy a shopping trip then grab one when you can.


Animal prints and geometrics


When wearing geometric shapes and animal prints, make sure that nothing in your outfit is patterned as well. This will set off an awkward confusion of patterns and will not look on anyone. So when you have a whole bunch of single shaded clothes, pair off a top and bottom within the same tones, add in a patterned scarf with a bright colored handbag or shoes.


When wearing scarves, it is a good idea to make sure they blend in with your other clothing as well. This should be in your mind if you do not tend to take off the scarf usually.

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